Our Team

The diversity of the Synergist team is at the root of our success. We come from all over the world, and our prior experience includes in-house corporate, start-ups, consulting, non-profits and government. Learn more about individual team members below.

Nicholas Brooke

Executive Director

Helena Harnik

Operational Director

Martina O' Regan

Talent Development and Happiness Manager

Aaron Hoyles

Program Manager

Lise Brooke

Growth Hacker

Sarah Krüg

Patient Engagement Expert

Chi Pakarinen

Project Manager

Diana Zaharia

Communications Manager

Roxana Radu

Communications Coordinator

Geoffroy Ryckaert

Head of IT

Laila Deeb

Web Developer

Jean-Christophe Capelle

Financial Director

Eric Blanchet

Administration Officer

Anne-Marie Hamoir

Head of Membership and Project Management, Patients Focused Medicine Development

Bernadette Hendrickx

Scientific Advisor

Ify Sargeant

Editorial Coordinator, Patients Focused Medicine Development

Natalia Sharamandzhieva

Project Coordinator

Gary Finnegan

Chief Editor, Break Dengue

Danielle Barron

Chief Editor, Motherhood Projects