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The Synergist is an integral player on a global scale, embodying true collaboration that is cross-sectoral, cross-discipline, and cross-border. Our systemic approach is centered around ongoing meaningful collaboration in a bid to provide solutions to what we see as the big societal problems facing us today.

Our approach is holistic: We are not funding-driven or partner-driven - we believe in our causes and invest in them on a long-term strategic basis, mobilising our people, partners - and resources to bring stakeholders together in a purposeful way to make a tangible systemic impact. Collaboration is not simply a meeting or phone call every few months or a one-off projects - it means truly working together towards a common vision and committing to seeing it become a reality. This ethos of co-creation is embedded in our mission and underpins every issue we are passionate about. The ultimate goal is bigger than any one player.

Through our expertise, skills, methodologies, and tools we have managed to galvanise many projects - for example, the precision medicine discussion group has reached new heights since our involvement, as we have launched FT3 with 19 members and seek to ensure tangible outcomes, achieving real results. Our tried and tested methodology allows us to move faster and more efficiently from the incubation phase, condensing what used to be 18 months to two years into just two to three months. We see fragmented effects and work on the bigger picture to harmonise, standardise and energise, turning a collective vision into a collective impact.

The Synergist employs unique skill sets, project management tools and methodologies, and software, all underpinned by a very different mindset. The various elements in this critical toolbox have been honed in the seven years since our inception and are now being used globally as we seek real change.

A prime example is our major project PFMD. Having recently reached the five-year milestone, we see it now at a turning point as it grows to encompass devices, digital health, and broader health systems. Having fully embedded patient engagement in drug development via our suite of tools we can no longer afford to have other parts of the ecosystem immature, each element must be equally patient-centric by working WITH patients. Once again our holistic approach is at the fore. We also want to go further in terms of its reach, scaling up as we expand into Asia and even further afield in 2021 as we share the knowledge and assets in patient engagement that we have accumulated. Our work in patient engagement is far from finished but we can be proud of the progress we have made.

Internally we continue to grow and expand, adding fresh talent to our quality team and enabling ourselves to develop even more projects and plans for the future, capitalising on our success and achievements. We have a demonstrated ability to create effective networks within niche ecosystems but in 2021 we will work on building even deeper connections between diverse actors as our network grows ever bigger and more influential.

Collective programs are the only way we will be able to solve collective issues. The Synergist with its seven years of experience and tried and tested methodology, is now looking to the future as we seek to replicate and scale our achievements in the health domain, building on these successes as we address other major societal issues. We look forward to 2021 with great excitement.

Nicholas Brooke

Executive Director


The Synergist
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Financial section

Report 2020
Break Dengue/
e Barometer
MCIP* PFMD Paradigm S4R Conception Synchros FT3 Total Industry funding Public funding
Turnover 55.246 37.500 1.590.210 182.552 55.250 95.463 33.750 289.209 2.339.180 1.972.165 367.015
Project Expenses 61.757 43.592 1.552.081 231.255 44.638 90.118 38.712 242.148 2.304.301
In-kind hours 0 0 2.003 444 444 444 444 444 444 444
In-kind contribution*
(to be confirmed)
0 0 150.225
Split Of PFMD Turnover
Membership fees 1.389.906
Industry Training 156.680
FMV 40.000 444 444 444 444 444 444 444
Other 3.624

*The Synergist has been investing money in MCI, by charging a significantly lower fee than the market price to enable sustainability of the project.

The Synergist goal is to bring all relevant stakeholders around the table to work together for societal impact. In a world of scarce resources, we expect the for-profit side to support societal impact and enable the participation of not-for-profit contributors. The Synergist, as a not-for-profit, is housing these afore-mentioned programs. They are managed through comprehensive governance structures, but not as separate legal entities. Each program benefits from full financial autonomy, including audit. 

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