We are looking for an IT Product Owner with experience in PHP cloud tech stacks


Design and deliver digital platforms, use the potential of networks, AI, and machine learning at the service of societal causes and innovative projects at The Synergist

About The Synergist

The Synergist is a social venture that addresses a growing need to collectively face societal issues by addressing broken or inefficient systems and accelerating societal (co-)impact. 

With globalization, the digital age, and increased mobility, we now have collectively more knowledge, capability, and capacity to solve the world’s most challenging social issues than ever before. But complex issues can’t be solved in isolation. The sheer number, variety, and interests of stakeholders on any given issue make it difficult to focus everyone’s expertise and resources on a shared goal. 

The Synergist is an independent, neutral backbone and incubator for societal issues. It brings together the right people, organizations, and institutions to focus on solving societal issues both personally and with technology tools. We foster an organized and collaborative environment that enables collective impact by co-defining a shared vision, goals, and strategies with members; bringing on board relevant partners; establishing and maintaining a transparent and balanced governance structure; coordinating and driving activities and bringing to life concrete projects and solutions that have been shaped with and complemented by members.

The Synergist is a globally focused organization based in Brussels, Belgium, with a team based in several countries.

2020 annual report: https://www.thesynergist.org/annual-report-2020

Your role

Reporting to the COO, the Product Owner is responsible and accountable to identify, translate, and propose solutions to business needs by developing an existing Web application (www.synapse.pfmd.org) and any other future IT solutions in collaboration with the IT architect. As the day-to-day lead and interface between business teams and the IT team, the Product Owner is accountable for driving the overall strategy for Synapse to support business objectives, propose innovative ideas to constantly outperform the expectations of our customers, collaborate with outsourced partners, and ensuring the best possible deliverables for The Synergist programs.

As a member of The Synergist, you are skilled in managing tensions between various stakeholders and able to turn these tensions into assets for the Synergist and for the programs.

We offer candidates the opportunity to work in a young, entrepreneurial, fast-paced, demanding yet very rewarding environment. We have a unique opportunity to drive programs that solve the world’s most pressing societal issues using an innovative and groundbreaking approach, interfacing and collaborating with world’s foremost thought leaders, experts, and executives from across the nonprofit and for-profit sectors internationally. The Synergist is the leader in this new field of collaborative leadership for collective impact and you will have the opportunity to grow alongside the organization.

Digital key aspects:

Synapse uses a backend technology stack based on PHP,  Symfony Framework, CI (Continuous development), JavaScript, Mysql, Redis, RabbitMQ, HTML5 and ElasticSearch

For the frontend, Synapse uses VueJs, a progressive framework for building user interfaces.

Deployments and code version control uses clouds platforms (Jira, BitBucket, DeployHQ)

IT Product Owner responsibility includes:

As a successful candidate, these will be your key responsibilities :

Product Strategic Management

      • Understand the business strategy and shape the future Synapse (and any other future potential IT solutions related to business opportunities) Vision, Goals, strategy & solutions moving forward together with top management.
      • IT as an agile service to business - identify internal and external clients’ needs and put together feasibility reports, and Ux design wireframes.
      • Articulate & Maintain the Synapse Roadmap, action plan, and planning
      • Partner with all team members to guide and support on all digital aspects
      • Make the best of potential (new) technology to keep the Synergist ahead of their game and propose new ways to leverage the potential of networks: Meta information, data visualization, personalization, etc.

Product Operational Management

  • Operate in agile and short iterative model
  • Orchestrate a Synapse action plan and planning to implement the strategy with the business teams, ensuring overall consistency of Synapse structure across programs.
  • Proactively identify and gather the needs from the different programs: justify, prioritize and validate solutions according to the decision process.
  • With the IT Architect, create the project charters and the corresponding briefings to be afterward implemented with the IT Development team.
  • Operate within legal and best practices boundaries (GDPR, Risk management, etc)
  • Controlling projects from start to finish (testing with business teams) to ensure high quality, innovative and functional design.
  • Communicate to the team & Operate within the planned schedule and allocated budget

Product Ambassador

    • Act as a go-to person for Synapse 
    • Be the liaison with clients and various departments (IT, Compliance, Legal, etc) to make sure Synapse and Synergist services match various business processes and expectations
    • Give demos to internal & external stakeholders to answer questions about the logic and how things work on Synapse 
    • Inform teams about the status of the Synapse development process and what features are being developed now and in the next sprint and visibility on the upcoming 2 months at least 
    • Communicate about synapse updates and latest releases and features to the team in Slack and public changelog. 

The successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Always think, plan and design having in mind the Synergist vision and values
  • Keep a good balance between strategic, operational, and capacity activities according to short and long term needs
  • Have a good knowledge of a wide scope of IT technology systems and concepts. Preferably have several years of experience in networks or CRM’s as Product Owner, Project manager, UX/UI expert, Product manager, or Business analyst. 
  • Provide adequate situational leadership: adapt to audience, negotiation skills, keep a high level overview and prioritize.
  • Have strong analytical and synthesizing skills
  • Be a good communicator and be able to have conversations on different levels
  • Have excellent knowledge of English, written and oral
  • Preferably have a relevant master degree

What's In It for You:

  • The opportunity to work for global organizations partnering with strategic for and not-for-profit players to address societal needs (like patient engagement, Precision medicine, women's health, etc);
  • The opportunity to join a dynamic, very diverse, and fun team that works every day to develop innovative and efficient programs aimed at solving challenges that others have been unable to resolve;
  • The chance to constantly develop and refine new skills as The Synergist develops new partnerships and innovative ideas.

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