We build partnerships

Combining knowledge & experiences for superior outcomes to combat societal challenges

Annual Report 2020

We believe collective action is the most untapped source of progress on societal issues. We believe in mutual collaboration and community, in joining forces and in building synergies to deliver on the challenges we face.

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Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report 2018

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Our main role is to act as an incubator:

We identify the right people and organisations, bring them together, provide overall strategic direction and co-ordination. In parallel we manage fundraising, communications and technical development.

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Shared Purpose

The Synergist gathers diverse social and economic agendas together under one shared purpose.


The Synergist provides the right structure, expertise and momentum for shared value initiatives to take seed and flourish.


The Synergist brings the right people, organisations and institutions around the table.

What we do

Identifying a societal issue and key stakeholders for a potential solution
Federating forces to design the operational setup
Refining strategy to address the usual fragmented approach in that specific societal context
Building synergies to kick-off the implementation
Strengthening the ecosystem through an agile approach
Increasing the demand and creating conditions to assure the success of the initiative

Programs we design and manage

From Testing to Targeted Treatments is a collective program that aims to make targeted medicine an accessible reality in oncology and beyond.

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The Motherhood Collective Impact Programme aims to empower all motherhood stakeholders, from grassroots groups to advocacy and large organisations, to accelerate impact and avoid duplication.

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PFMD aims to transform the way in which we understand, engage, and partner with patients globally in the design and development of research and medicines by focusing on unmet patient needs.

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Break Dengue aims to connect different initiatives around the world that are addressing the issue of dengue so that together they can have a bigger impact.

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Gravitate Health aims to equip and empower citizens with digital information tools that make them confident, active, and responsive in their patient journey, specifically encouraging safe use of medicines for better health outcomes and quality of life.

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IMI Conception

IMI Conception is a five-year project that aims to tackle the fragmented landscape around medication in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Synchros is a three-year project that aims to map the cohort landscape in Europe and large international initiatives, identify best methods for integrating cohort data followed by the solutions to address challenges arising in integrating data across patient, clinical trial and population cohorts.

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Programs we participate in

Past projects

Share4Rare is a collective online platform with the ambition to make a difference for rare disease patients and their families.

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PARADIGM aims to provide a unique framework that enables structured, effective, meaningful, ethical, innovative and sustainable patient engagement.

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