The Synergist is an independent, neutral backbone, incubator and engine bringing together complementary stakeholders to focus on, and benefit from, solving societal issues. Through true commitment and a collaborative leadership approach – leading from behind together WITH key people, organizations and institutions – The Synergist is specialized in making societal systems more efficient and complete.


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Not for profit

Programs we design and manage

Break Dengue

Seeks to raise awareness of Dengue Fever and reduce incidences of it

The Motherhood Collective Impact Programme

A world where all women have equitable access to high quality maternal healthcare.

Patient Focused Medicine Development

Integrate the voice of the patient throughout the lifecycle of medicines development.

Programs we participate in


Facing the isolation and misinformation about paediatric rare diseases together.


Advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes.

The Opportunity

With globalization, the digital age and increased mobility, we now have collectively more knowledge, capability, and capacity to solve the world’s most challenging social issues than ever before. But complex issues can’t be solved in isolation. The sheer number, variety, and interests of stakeholders on any given issue makes it difficult to focus everyone’s expertise and resources on a shared goal

Our Solution

The Synergist is an independent, neutral backbone and incubator bringing together complementary people, organizations, and institutions to focus on solving societal issues both personally and with technology tools.

Complex societal issue

need to collectively address it & build on digital opportunities

which require a robust collaborative platform to synergise resources and focus

and develop sustainable impact

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A Collaborative and Neutral Platform

Sustainability: A Nonprofit and a child For-profit Structure

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