Maternal Health, Dengue Fever and Patient Engagement are interminable societal issues. The Synergist believes a systematic approach is required to deal with these types of challenges

Bringing The Synergist vision to life

The Synergist is a social venture that addresses a growing need to collectively face societal issues by addressing broken or inefficient systems and accelerating societal (co-)impact.

The opportunity

With globalization, the digital age and increased mobility, we now collectively possess more knowledge, capability and capacity to solve the world’s most challenging social issues than ever before. Yet complex issues cannot be solved in isolation. The sheer number, variety and interests of stakeholders on any given issue makes it difficult to focus everyone’s expertise and resources on a shared goal.

As the societal landscape evolves rapidly, the time has now come now for key stakeholders to engage in societal issues as a responsibility but also as a benefit to their organization in an environment that puts their sustainability at stake.

BlackRock’s Message: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support*

“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose,” he wrote in a draft of the letter that was shared with me. “To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”


Our solution

The Synergist is an independent, neutral backbone and incubator bringing together the right people, organizations, and institutions to focus on solving societal issues both personally and with technology. We foster an organized and collaborative environment that enables collective impact by: co-defining a shared vision, goals and strategies with members; bringing on board new partners; establishing and maintaining a transparent and balanced governance structure; coordinating all activity and bringing to life concrete projects and solutions that have been shaped with and complemented by members.

An open and issue-centric ecosystem
  • A robust and agile partnership governance model
  • The Synapse Digital Suite to identify and bring together people and projects, match solutions to resources, and solve specific need
  • Experts communities online and offline
An identity backbone
  • An independent Editorial Board
  • Strong digital channels and storytelling
  • Online engagement and community mobilization
Strategic projects and deliverables addressing gaps
  • Advocacy: Examples include Global Dengue Day; Matrix for Maternal Health Performance.
  • Tools: Examples include framework for patient engagement; reputation toolkit for patient organizations, online repositories.
  • Innovative solutions: Examples include accurate and actionable dengue surveillance based on big data, crowd surveillance; Patient Engagement Portfolio Management Software

Our assets

  • A proven model to fix broken systems
  • Strong internal, transversal expertise and experience in building collaborative partnerships for collective impact
  • A neutral backbone allowing diverse stakeholders to collaborate together
  • Bringing people together around one shared goal – they leave their individual goals at the door
  • Harnessing the power of digital. We bring the partnership concept to the digital age, with products and models adaptable to a variety of issues
  • Shared services and expertise across projects to help learning and achieve economies of scale
  • Agile, startup approach to deliver value and impact quickly, efficiently and iteratively
  • Development of proprietary tools to support collaborative partnerships
  • A strong network of quality partners who share our values
  • Quality, objective communications to drive culture change
  • (Re)investing in projects to build sustainability
  • An international and multicultural team


7 projects.
43 partners.
Countless impact stories. A determined and motivated team.

The Synergist sustainability model:

  • The Synergist Services consolidates finances at the end of year and gives a rebate back to nonprofit
  • Rebate makes the actual operational costs lower than market price
  • The Synergist nonprofit hires capacity needed to advance societal programmes
  • Capacity and resources are billed according to market price
  • Shared services and economies of scale