2017 brought new opportunities for our team to bring The Synergist’s skills and expertise to two European public private partnerships, Share4Rare and IMI PARADIGM.


Building our co-impact portfolio by joining public-private partnerships

2017 brought new opportunities for our team to bring The Synergist’s skills and expertise to two European public private partnerships, Share4Rare and IMI PARADIGM, both of which will accelerate progress towards a better patient experience through systemic innovation.

Our involvement in these partnerships represent a slightly different role for us as a catalyst. We were invited to bring meaningful engagement, co-creation and agility to large consortiums, both of which aim to improve patient outcomes and experience in a digital age. Additionally, we bring important expertise in “collaborative leadership” and engagement strategies with stakeholders and end-users. For The Synergist, this is an opportunity to complement and diversify participation on our projects, reach new spheres and environments, and most importantly increase our overall impact and refine our co-impact model.

We feel incredibly privileged to be involved and we are dedicated to delivering impact.

Nicholas Brooke

Programme Director


Project and partners description

Share4Rare is a new collective awareness platform for patients, caregivers, researchers and other stakeholders involved in the growing health challenge of Rare Diseases. Based on a socially innovative approach and building on citizen science and collective intelligence, the platform will engage and connect all relevant stakeholders. The purpose?

To improve the quality of life, the disease management and the collection of scientific knowledge and data on rare diseases. The platform will integrate three important pillars: Education, Sharing and Research. The project will pilot the platform in two groups of pediatric rare diseases: neuromuscular disorders and rare tumors, but will eventually expand to other rare disease as well.

Project objectives

The Synergist role

The Synergist will bring its co-creation expertise to this project and help develop and formalize a robust governance to foster collaboration and co-creation with the end user. Moreover, The Synergist will bring its expertise in developing digital tools for societal change by:


Project and partners description

We are pleased that PARADIGM (Patients Active in Research and Dialogues for an Improved Generation of Medicine) has been approved for the EU-funded Innovative Medicines Initiative, which funds health research and innovation in Europe. PARADIGM will provide a unique framework that enables structured, effective, meaningful, ethical, innovative, and sustainable patient engagement (PE) and demonstrates the ‘return on the engagement’ for all players.

This three-year project aims to tackle the fragmented landscape in patient engagement (PE) by co-creating tools to systematise how we do PE. The project will focus specifically on three decision-making points:

  • 1) research priority setting;
  • 2) design of clinical trials; and
  • 3) early dialogues with regulators and HTA bodies.

Project objectives

PARADIGM’s approach will ensure maximum synergies with other PE initiatives and relevant international players in the field to share, stimulate buy-in and acceptance. PFMD supports the mission by an innovative collaborative approach that not only gives input during the project scope, but also provides an avenue of dissemination for the project outputs, which increases their sustainability and adoption-rate.

PARADIGM’s objectives are to

The Synergist role

The Synergist has a major role in this three-year project that commences in March 2018. Our participation in PARADIGM can be seen as a natural extension for PFMD. We will bring our expertise in fostering global alliances through an organised, collaborative and neutral environment that enhances co-creation with a shared purpose and collaborative leadership. Together with our agile approach and expertise in impactful digital communication, we will support PARADIGM’s objectives to deliver the much needed framework and tools for PE. This will in turn feed back to PFMD SYNaPsE, strengthening PFMD’s mission to achieve systematically implemented PE across all stakeholders, in all phases of medicines development.