The Synergist 2019 report Building synergies, one cause at a time.

We believe collective action is the most untapped source of progress on societal issues. We believe in mutual collaboration and community, in joining forces and in building synergies to deliver on the challenges we face.

A global collaborative non-competitive coalition to make patient engagement the new normal

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An open platform to anyone concerned about the problem of dengue

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Investing in safer motherhood means investing in the future

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A public-private partnership focusing on driving systematic, effective and sustainable patient engagement

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An EU-funded collaborative project to tackle the information gap in medicine use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the role of all Stakeholders

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Combining knowledge & experiences for superior outcomes to combat societal challenges

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At the end of 2019, The Synergist had reached a significant milestone; not only had we further established our value through successful collective programmes such as PFMD, but we had also provided our expertise as an independent, neutral backbone working together with a wide variety of stakeholders in European-funded Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) such as ConcePTION, PARADIGM, Synchros, and Share4Rare.

As of today, we work on accelerating impact on a range of societal issues, together with 72 organisations on 7 projects.

The unique co-creation and collaborative leadership Synergist methodology means concrete assets can be successfully delivered within an actionable context while providing the conditions that make them adoptable and sustainable. This growing success highlights the impact of the methodology, skills, and tools proposed by The Synergist.

If we take PFMD as an example, the legal guiding principles, reference contracts and our fair market value (FMV) projects are set to complement the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance, further adding to a growing toolkit for patient engagement. All these initiatives are linked on a global scale, with The Synergist and PFMD teams functioning as the glue connecting them. This allows them to work and perform together in a coherent and easily embraceable way.

The collective programmes we’re leading are growing in terms of membership but also role, value, and impact. The Synergist continues to evolve as we establish ourselves as a solution to a wide variety of societal issues requiring a systemic approach and an engine partner; our unique ability to address gaps in collaborative leadership, support services and sustainability is now widely acknowledged.

Initiatives with specific objectives deliver a crumble of specific results while societal issues are by definition interconnected at a system level. The Synergist’s mission is to build on these interconnections with existing initiatives, making them work together and addressing any perceived gaps.

Our achievements are now beginning to have a ripple effect, helping more embryonic projects and causes The Synergist is carrying without external support or funding, initiating a system change where necessary.

Another tangible indicator of success is the growing in-kind contributions provided by civil society and industry. New synergies continue to be generated among various projects, such as those bringing maternal health and patient engagement networks together.

The Synergist has been designed as the third party that helps develop the right governance for the right programme at each stage of its growth. We skillfully build economies of scale through shared services and synergies between initiatives, allowing for more system-ready, impactful and sustainable programmes.

We are proud to share our 2019 report witnessing the power of collective action of over 145 partners. Our annual report offers an opportunity to reflect on the skills, methodologies and tools of The Synergist that every day facilitate collaboration and communication, enabling systemic results. We continue to look forward to building on this success to reach the next level, in health and other societal issues in 2020 and beyond.

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From theory to reality: The Synergist Impact

Impact needs to be measured and monitored over time, therefore, The Synergist consistently develops its methodology and applies it across projects and years to achieve the maximum impact for all its initiatives, with the goal of delivering benefits to all stakeholder groups and individuals.

Originally active within the health sphere, The Synergist now includes the environment as one of its focus areas; given the close links between both areas, we believe this is a natural extension that will ultimately benefit all of our projects.

Co-creation remains at the heart of what we do and has been proven in its effectiveness once again in 2019.

As always, The Synergist consistently applies the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to assess the impact of all our projects; this enables us to ascertain the true value and meaningful impact of our work.

Not sure what The Synergist is all about? Check out this page for more information


With its strong track record, the SROI methodology is utilized by many businesses and projects wishing to accurately monitor and improve their social impact. The methodology essentially measures impact at the level of the people whose lives are changed by the activity to be monitored, and assesses the extent tby which resources generate their maximum positive impact.

The methodology fosters an iterative process: from the beginning of an initiative to its end, impact must be measured and resources e (re-)allocated to improve positive impact. At the Synergist, we have started applying this methodology to all our projects. Its iterative pattern matches our agile structure very well and helps to guide our decision-making.

From theory to reality

The more complex the challenges one addresses, the more challenging it is to demonstrate the impact one has. The Synergist strives to tackle this reality on a daily basis, consistently improving methods, processes, connecting the dots, connecting people and co-creating with them.

We proudly added several successes to our track record in 2019, evidencing how powerfully and efficiently co-creation can generate impact in the Patient Engagement and Motherhood Health environments. More importantly, we now see more and more people and initiatives taking steps in the same direction, and we will go on supporting this system change towards more stakeholder engagement and co-creation in the years to come.
Our streamlined project structure is as follows:
- Establish the backbone of the project, including the tools, processes and governance the project team will use
- Once this initial phase has been completed, ongoing project activities embed impact measurement making sure day-to-day activities and overall strategy remain aligned, while generating maximum impact.

2019 saw us launch our first environmental initiative. This we viewed as a natural step and an opportunity to rectify the often fragmented approach we see in the environmental sector by filling the necessary gaps - much like we have done in areas of the health sector. We believe we will soon see a significant impact within the environmental sector, as we harmonise concurrent and complementary initiatives, thus avoiding duplication.

More than ever, this convergence of various initiatives and efforts, partnered with our trademark leadership and energy has generated very powerful results and will continue to do so on an exponential basis. Youth calls for a system change to tackle global warming; this call has been heard and transformed into the ambitious Green Deal by the European Commission in less than one year. This is a momentous development - change is happening!

Financial report

Impact at the collaborative platform or project level is described in the sections specific to each initiative:

Break Dengue MCIP* PFMD Paradigm Share4Rare Conception Synchros
Project Turnover (€) 50.000 87.500 1.392.117 180.000 80.000 57.267 33.750
Project Expenses (€) 105.233 89.351 1.365.151 177.738 68.787 65.279 29.860
In-kind hours 250 50 1810 444 444 444 444

*The Synergist has been investing money in MCI, by charging a significantly lower fee than the market price to enable sustainability of the project.

They made all this possible

An aggregation of partners from all projects. Before publishing we would highlight: stakeholders representativeness, geographical coverage & topical expertise.