What we do

The Synergist runs programmes aimed at solving challenges which others ignore or have been unable to resolve. Our approach is a bit different. We’re not issue experts. We focus primarily on bringing the most important stakeholders together and building shared value, rather than trying to do it all ourselves. Given the complexity of the world we live in and the challenges we face, we’re convinced there is no better way.

Programs we design and manage

Break Dengue

Seeks to raise awareness of Dengue Fever and reduce incidences of it

The Motherhood Collective Impact Programme

A world where all women have equitable access to high quality maternal healthcare.

Patient Focused Medicine Development

Integrate the voice of the patient throughout the lifecycle of medicines development.

Programs we participate in


Facing the isolation and misinformation about paediatric rare diseases together.


Advancing meaningful patient engagement in the life cycle of medicines for better health outcomes.

What drives us

Like many, we’re driven by a desire to make the world a better place! Some of our programmes stem from very personal and emotional experiences faced by members of our team.

Most pertinently, we strongly believe our approach can drive success. Collectively, we have decades of experience in business and government, and have all been left frustrated by the deep-seated siloes inherent in organisations dealing with challenges that require collaboration.

The Synergist seeks to remedy this. We’re small and nimble enough to be silo-proof, and provide a platform for people, and organisations large and small, to work together

How we work

Our programmes vary greatly, but we always follow the same simple approach.

Project design and operational setup

Project kick-off

Implementation Connect > Share > Mobilize

Strategy refinement or new project identified

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How we are structured

Our main role is to act as incubator: we identify the right people and organisations for each programme, bring them together, and provide overall strategic direction and co-ordination. In parallel we manage fundraising, communications and technical development.

Each programme has a Programme Task Force, including a Programme Director, necessary support staff and a dedicated Advisory Committee. The latter is made up of individuals with specific expertise or interest on the specific issue covered by the programme, and helps to develop each programme’s strategy and provides expert input at all stages of execution.

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