Break Dengue made significant strides in 2016. We expanded our Dengue Expert Community to over 1250 experts across the world, launched Dengue Track, a dengue surveillance tool, and entered partnerships with numerous key organisations across the world that are equally committed to fighting Dengue. 2017 looks to be our busiest year yet, as we will strive to work towards the WHO 2020 objectives on Dengue by further increasing our expert community and alliance, and promoting further uptake of Dengue Track. Read about our recent work and future plans in the full project report, including our financial report.

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Key achievements in 2016

Dengue Expert Community

Dengue Track included over 1,000 reports on outbreaks in 2016 across Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa, already allowing for superior mapping and information sharing in the ongoing fight against Dengue.

Dengue Track

Beta launch of a dengue surveillance tool with over 1,000 reports on outbreaks in 2016 across Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

Stakeholder mobilisation

2016 mobilisation campaigns included an “All against dengue” game centred on the Rio Olympics, a €10,000 community action prize and participation in a Data4Good hackathon.

Collective action partnerships

As a collective impact initiative, Break Dengue recognises that identifying and connecting NGOs, relevant UN agencies, HCP associations – and of course local, grassroots level organisations, is key to success.

Media work

35 editorial pieces, 2 opinion articles in global well-known publications and millions of engaged user on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)

Future plans

Our vision remains to become a key partner in identifying and promoting solutions towards the WHO 2020 Dengue objectives. In the spirit of shared value and collective impact, we seek to do so by nurturing a collaborative environment that furthers education. Learn more

Communicating risk

Our editorial objective is to address and disseminate the risks of Dengue as broadly as possible, especially in high-impact communities. Learn more

Grow Dengue support and expert communities

We will continue to look to expand the community with the most relevant experts from across the globe. Learn more

Expand and formalise the Break Dengue alliance

We will seek to formalise the governance structure of our organisation to facilitate new, diverse member participation. Learn more

Dengue Track: the Ultimate Dengue Barometer

In 2017 Dengue Track will be further improved to better monitor outbreaks and communication to at-risk communities. Learn more


454 306 €
Net carry over
30 000 €

In-kind contribution

In-kind contribution
12 600 €


Program Coordination
125 883 €
87 823 €
Mobilisation campaign
65 817 €
Surveillance and alert tool
59 050 €
Consultancy Services
48 590 €
General Management
42 849 €
Dengue Lab
16 701 €
Membership, Conferences, Events
11 922 €
459 €

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