The Motherhood Collective Impact Programme made significant advances in 2016. 170 MEPs signed our declaration on universal access to maternal healthcare in Europe, we kicked off work on measurement of maternal healthcare at a workshop in Gastein, launched a new taskforce on maternal care focused on tech solutions, and ran a successful Safe Motherhood Week. 2017 will see us follow up on these initiatives, including expansion of scope and markets of our Safe Motherhood survey, and the most ambitious Safe Motherhood Week yet. Read more about our work in 2016, future plans and our financials in the project report below.

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Key achievements in 2016

Alliance for Maternal Health Equality

Over 170 MEPs support “Universal Access to Maternal Healthcare in Europe”

174 MEPs, representing a large majority of Member States and political groups, signed the Declaration, showing beyond doubt that this is an issue of interest to all European leaders, regardless of affiliation.

Tackling Universal Access to Maternal Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Europe

Held during Women Deliver 2016 , the working dinner co-hosted by the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality brought together key stakeholders including policy makers, civil society organisations and industry to make a commitment for the greater wellbeing of women in Europe.

h2>Measuring Maternal Healthcare in Europe

The AMHE hosted a workshop at the European Health Gastein Forum, the leading health policy conference in Europe, where we introduced a health systems performance measurement matrix model.

New Maternal Care Taskforce to Focus on Tech-Enabled Partnerships & Solutions

Top players from the tech, satellite communications, and pharma sectors, including Microsoft, UBER, SES, MSD for Mothers, Maternity Foundation and UCB, and representatives from international organisations such as UNFPA and IOM, all met in Brussels during Safe Motherhood Week.

Safe Motherhood Week

Motherhood shapes our future. We all have the power to make it safe.

Healthy mothers and babies make healthy societies. Safe Motherhood Week is the first annual event to focus solely on improving maternal care, in Europe and beyond.

Safe Motherhood Week luminary speaks at TEDxWomen

Dr Lode Dewulf, a noted Safe Motherhood Week luminary and 25 year veteran of the pharma industry, spoke at the very first TEDxWomen event in Brussels, which gathered over 300 participants, including some of Europe’s great thinkers and doers on gender issues.

Future plans

Digital Landscape and Marketplace Project

Many maternal health markets remain highly fragmented, making it challenging for government, institutions and other stakeholders to identify promising models that are adaptable for future investment or new Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). Learn more

Next edition of the Safe Motherhood Week Survey

A number of studies on the health of babies and pregnant women in Europe exist, but few look beyond medical care. In order to plug this gap, we ran a preliminary survey in 2016 on the perceptions of pregnancy among a sample of women from a number of countries in Europe. Learn more

Expand Reach and Awareness of Safe Motherhood Week

We aim to expand Safe Motherhood Week into a global movement. We will increase outreach at national and EU level to increase the visibility of Safe Motherhood Week and boost participation, and introduce it to regions beyond Europe. Learn more


330 000 €
Net carry over
20 000 €

In-kind contribution

In-kind contribution
6 860 €


Program Coordination
115 096 €
114 850 €
Advocacy efforts
91 820 €
General Management
45 540 €
Consultancy Services
37 230 €
Membership, Conferences, Events
20 067 €

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We all have the power to make motherhood safe. That includes you!

With your help, together we can achieve our goal of better maternal care for all mothers, regardless of their background or economic status.

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