Annual Report 2016

Welcome to our annual report for 2016, in which we outline the many activities we undertook and successes achieved across our three major programmes. Following an introduction by our founder and executive director, Nicholas Brooke, which recaps The Synergist’s modus operandi, we provide some of the absolute key highlights of 2016 before delving into the programmes in detail. A financial overview for each programme is provided in the detailed programme sections.


Globalisation, digitisation, demographic shifts and mobility are creating a paradox. Collectively, we possess far more knowledge to solve societal problems than ever before. But enormous complexities due to the global nature of issues, and sheer number of active stakeholders, makes it difficult to harness this collective knowledge.

Given these complexities, problems cannot usually be solved by a single player through one activity, be it a government policy or one non-profit campaign. The collective impact of multiple actors is the smarter option, more likely to yield results.

But getting actors to work together effectively is no easy feat! Success factors include: extreme commitment; mutually reinforcing activities; a common agenda; strong governance; continuous sharing; dedicated resourcing; and focussed planning and co-ordination.

Safe Motherhood Week 2016

Safe Motherhood Week brings together diverse people and organisations from all backgrounds and sectors around a shared goal. Our partners all have the desire and unique expertise to bring to the table in developing practical solutions to improve care for mothers and parents.

Patient engagement Global Mapping and Networking Tool

In 2016 PFMD launched the first patient engagement mapping and networking tool. 130 initiatives representing 97 organisations were gathered in 2016, giving users a searchable who’s-who of patient engagement and allowing them to identify and connect with potential collaborators.

Dengue Track

Beta launch of a dengue surveillance tool with over 1,000 reports on outbreaks in 2016 across Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

Our projects

You can explore more 2016 highlights from our programmes, as well as key plans for 2017

Our partners

Our model is built on the notion that the greatest societal impact is achieved when relevant stakeholders work together. Partners are thus at the core of our work, and identifying and connecting the right partners is key to our success.