Building a sustainable future: innovation is the key



Just a decade or so ago, sustainability and innovation were seen as being at odds. Sustainability was about being green, preserving the planet’s environment for the benefit of future generations; innovation was about creating new technologies, often at the expense of the planet. Today, the two are seen as two sides of the same coin. How can that be?

The two topics have been well explored, and our understanding of them has evolved. Today, sustainability is understood to be about preserving society and economic prosperity as well as the environment.

Innovation, on the other hand, is not just about developing new technology; it is also about changing the way we do things. Examples might include corporations changing their business models, or communities changing their behaviors.

The two topics have come together in the recognition that technology is necessary, not only for economic prosperity but for social and environmental well-being too.

Through our Break Dengue project, we have discovered a wealth of innovative projects that are having a positive impact, helping to build a more sustainable future through innovation.

  • Girl Rising works to identify ways that world leaders can support and protect girls, innovatively using film to educate people about the issues.
  • Charity Water is working on a $5 million pilot project with Google to develop remote sensor technology that will ensure clean water keeps flowing.
  • Solar-Aid is a leading international charity that provides access to clean, affordable solar lights.
  • Ashoka supports social entrepreneurs who are leading and collaborating with change-makers.
  • Text4Baby is a collaboration between industry, the health community, and government to bring new mothers a free health service using mobile technology.
  • Millennia2015 is a network of volunteer researchers who are using a foresight research process to empower women and promote gender equality.

Where are you seeing innovation working to create a more sustainable future?

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