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Cross-sector collaboration is vital for making real change happen. And our Breaking Pregnancy Taboos and Break Dengue projects are prime examples of the positive impact that is achievable when companies and organizations from different backgrounds work together.

The Nature Conservancy & Dow Chemical

In another example, an award-winning collaboration between the Dow Chemical Co. (one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers) and The Nature Conservancy (the foremost global land and water conservation organization) is protecting nature while enabling business growth.

The five-year project, which started in January 2011, is focused on developing tools and models that provide corporations with a science-based, measurable approach for recognizing, valuing, and incorporating nature in their business goals, decisions, and strategies.

Until recently, business leaders have rarely taken water, land, air, oceans, plants, animals, and other natural resources into account when making corporate decisions. Understanding the true value of these ecosystems and their services has simply been too complex.

But thanks to the collaboration, business leaders can now make strategic decisions that not only incorporate the value of nature, they can make choices that also protect our natural resources for future generations – while watching their businesses continue to grow.

Where else have you seen sustainable corporate decision-making in action?

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