Shared positive value: the key to real social change



At the Synergist, we want to help others in their quest for positive change. Our platform enables governments, non-profits, businesses, and others to make a difference, both economically and socially.

In his enlightening talk, Michael Porter calls for more governments, non-profits, and businesses to work together to achieve more.

He begins by explaining how business is often seen as the cause of our social problems – for example factories polluting the environment – and that governments and NGOs are seen as the solution.

But governments and NGOs are only making an incremental impact because he says they can’t scale their solutions; they need to tap into the power of business.

Today, more and more corporations are working in partnership with governments and non-profits to accelerate positive impact. Dow Chemicals is profiting from leading the revolution away from trans fats, for example; Cisco is training IT workers in deprived areas because it is driving demand for its products.

The Synergist is dedicated to helping this kind of collaboration, projects that are of real value to businesses, and to society as a whole.

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