Smartphones become the new emergency response



What is the one piece of technology that we all have with us today: in our pocket, by our bedside, on the meeting table?

The smartphone has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, allowing us to collaborate through voice, images and data, sharing information about our mood, families, work, location…

So how can our smart little friend who is always by our side help us the one time when we really need all the help we can get – when disaster strikes?

The Help Me Help and Crisis Map Czech crowdsourcing projects, which help make disaster-response more efficient, have put smartphones to full use. Trained users can mark up a map with the location and photos of hazards using their smartphones – giving a fuller picture of the situation in the hours after a natural disaster.

The combination of crowdsourcing and smartphones is so powerful. What other ways could it help people in a national, local or personal emergency? Could more lost children be returned home? Could fires be reached before they got out of control? Could more criminals be caught? How could more lives be saved?

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Welcome to the #SafeMotherhood Programme

The week of 16-19 May 2016 was an important week for girls and women throughout the world with the hosting Women Deliver's 4th Global Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was also a milestone for our Motherhood Projects which incorporate the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality (AMHE), Safe Motherhood Week (SMW) and the Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative (PMI).

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