Social media can make a real different to life


Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward turned to social media to rally help for farmers crippled by a late snowstorm. Hover over the image below to find out how Andrew and others around the world are using social media to make a real difference to lives in need.

In the same vein, we hope that the first tool launched on our Pregnancy Taboos project can help pregnant women with serious illnesses connect with specialist doctors. The tool, which is an online map of doctors around the world who specialize in pregnancy and diseases (such as cancer), is geared towards helping women make informed choices. Stay connected to Pregnancy Taboos via Twitter and Facebook for more updates on the project.

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Welcome to the #SafeMotherhood Programme

The week of 16-19 May 2016 was an important week for girls and women throughout the world with the hosting Women Deliver's 4th Global Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was also a milestone for our Motherhood Projects which incorporate the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality (AMHE), Safe Motherhood Week (SMW) and the Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative (PMI).

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