The end of a successful year for Pregnancy Taboos & the start of another one!



Breaking Pregnancy Taboos, one of our projects, is moving forward in leaps and bounds, with some great successes over the past few months. Here’s what’s been going on:

  •  Using both qualitative and quantitative analysis + a host of online tools, we completed mapping the issues around pregnancy taboos online: answering questions such as Who is involved (key opinion leaders), what are the important issues, and where we need to focus.
  • Work has begun on our collaborative knowledge-sharing tool: a wiki-like platform that will allow professionals to engage online, 24-hours a day, from anywhere in the world.
  • The team is growing! Healthcare professionals Dr. Frederic Amant, Dr. Paul Emery, Dr. Aparna Kamat, and Dr. Tea Collins are already part of the advisory board. Dr. Anne Lyerly and representatives from the DIA are expected to confirm their participation soon. We’re really looking forward to our first meeting in 2014.
  • The editorial board will be active within weeks, ready to launch our first awareness campaign of 2014. The campaign will highlight the three principles we’d like to see become basic rights for pregnant women: the right to care, the right to information (both for the pregnant woman and the HCP), and the right to a high standard of treatment.

Join the conversation today and help make a significant impact this year.

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